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The Lycian Way – Turkey’s First Long Distance Walking (Fethiye to Antalya)

The Lycian Way may be a long-distance path in Turkey around a part of the coast of ancient geographical area. it’s more or less 540 metric linear unit long and stretches from Ölüdeniz, close to Fethiye, to Geyikbayırı, regarding twenty kilometers from city. it’s waymarked with red and white stripes, the Grande Randonnee convention. The Sunday Times has listed it united of the world’s high 10 walks.
lycian way map


Lycia is that the historical name of the Tekke land, that juts into the Mediterranean on Turkey’s southern coast. The mountains rise steeply from the rocky coast, giving lovely views and varied walking. biology predominates; pines square measure mixed with strawberry trees and carob, and provides thanks to juniper and cedar at higher elevations. at the side of coastal business enterprise, high-intensity agriculture is jam-pawncked onto the deltas.
The Lycians were a democratic however freelance, warlike folks, with a developed art vogue and a high customary of living. Their strategic position gave them distinctive opportunities for sea-trade and (at times) for piracy. once Persian rule, the Lycians welcome Alexander the nice and absorbed Greek culture. Later, geographic area became a province of the Roman Empire. The Romans developed several cities and ports, linking them with sealed roads and militarization them with theatres, baths, forums, temples and ceremonial gates. From the fourth Century, Christianity took hold and, because the Roman Empire fragmented, several Byzantine monasteries were supported within the Lycian hills. Lycian graves and ruins abound on the land and also the Lycian approach passes regarding twenty five remote historical sites.

Fethiye-Kayaköy – Total distance: 8-9 km



From Kayaköy, you’ve got two totally different trails to settle on from to urge to the official origin of Anatolian language means in Ovacık: the primary takes you to the beach next to the Blue lagune at Ölüdeniz, the second takes you right to Ovacık over the hills

The route via beach to Ölüdeniz – Total distance: about 6 km


The route that leads straight to Ovacık – Total distance: 7 km

Ovacık-Kozağaç – Total distance: about 6 km, elevation: 250 mt to 750 mt

sunset babadag

Kozağaç-Kirme – Distance: about 4 km, elevation: 750 mt to 650 mt


Kirme-Faralya – Distance: about 4 km, elevation: 650 mt to 350 mt


Faralya-Kabak – Distance: 8 km

Butterfly Valley

Climbing down to Butterfly Valley

The climb is relatively steep and there ar ropes to use in many elements. notwithstanding the well trained locals will do the climb up kind the natural depression in 15-20 minutes. Not prompt to climb in rainy weather since the rocks become slippery. One will keep there within the bungalows or tents for rent (40-80TL), move to visit the natural park with the falls or take a ferry to Ölüdeniz.
butterfly valley

Kabak-Alınca – Distance: 7 km

Alınca-Gey – Distance: 9 km

Gey-Bel – Distance: 6 km

The official name of Gey is Yediburunlar and it’s relatively larger village compared to Alınca and features a house of worship, a pair of outlets (named Anatolian language market, cash only), WC and a water supply brought there simply few years agone. this is often once more higher village with no descend to a beach.

Gey-Sidyma-Bel – Distance: about 10 km


Bel-Gavurağılı – Distance: 10 km

Gavurağılı-Pydnai – Distance: 6 km

Pydnai-Letoon – Distance: 8 km

Letoon-Kınık – Distance: 4 km

Letoon was the most non secular centre of geographic area, ruins of that currently lie on the highest of a rather higher hill enclosed by greenhouses covering the terra firma.

Kınık-Xanthos – Distance: 1 km

Xanthos-Çavdır – Distance: 4 km

This whole section is on asphalt road. One will take a Dolmuş from Kınık to Çavdır to skip it, though it’s probably that expecting the Dolmuş are going to be longer than the forty five minutes it takes on foot.

Çavdır-Üzümlü – Distance: 13 km

Üzümlü-İslamlar (Akbel)

Üzümlü is a large-ish village with a restaurant (offering trout on the menu) and a guesthouse run by the village council (muhtarlık misafirhanesi).

İslamlar (Akbel)-Bezirgan – Distance, Akbel to Bezirgan 10 km, not counting Patara loop


Bezirgan-Sarıbelen – Distance: 7 km

Sarıbelen-Gökçeören – Distance: 13 km

Sarıbelen could be a little village. an area denizen named Neşet rents his area for campers, likewise as Tim, associate Australian settled in a very distance from the village.

Gökçeören-Hacıoğlan Deresi – Distance: 8 km

Hacıoğlan Deresi-Phellos – Distance: 14 km

Hacıoğlan Deresi is, not like different location names found on the Anatolian language means signposts, not a settlement however is simply a creek (dere interprets “stream” in Turkish).

Phellos-Çukurbağ – Distance: 3 km

(Lycian Way signposts drop Çukurbağ in favour of Antiphellos, that lies eleven klick removed from Phellos). you’ll see Çukurbağ from the tip at Phellos. it’s a steep path all the way down to the village (May 2014).

Çukurbağ-Antiphellos – Distance: 8 km


Antiphellos (Kaş)-Apollonia – Distance: around 19 km


Apollonia-Aperlae – Distance: around 7 km

The ruins of the ancient town Apollonia are located close to the modern little village Kılınç. In fact on the yellow arrow signs both names appear together.

Aperlae-Üçağız – Distance : 10 km, about 3 hours.

Üçağız-Myra – Total distance: 21 km

Myra-Finike – Total distance: 12 km, 1800m up then 18km, 1800m down, about 18 hours.

Finike-Mavikent – Total distance: 20km, perfectly flat.

Alternate route through Kumluca – Total distance: 35km, perfectly flat.

Mavikent-Karaöz – Total distance: 8 km, mostly flat.

Karaöz-Gelidonia – Total distance: 10km, 300m up. About 2 hours.

Gelidonia-Adrasan – Total distance: 17 km, about 6 hours. Profile: 100m up, 300m down, 400m up, then down to sea level.

Adrasan-Çıralı – Total distance: 20 km


Çıralı-Phaselis – Total distance: 22 km




Between Aşağıkuzdere and Gedelme, there area unit some mountain gorges, furthermore as a Roman bridge over a creek to pass.


Beycik-Gedelme – Total distance: 29 km

Yukarı Beycik

Yayla Kuzdere


Between Yukarı Beycik and Yayla Kuzdere, you will pass simply east of two,300 mt-high summit of Mt Tahtalı, one among the mountains called “Olympos” to people.

Gedelme-Göynük Yaylası – Total distance: 11 km


Göynük Yaylası-Hisarçandır – Total distance: 22 km


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The Lycian Way Quided Walk (- -)


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