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Welcome To Philippines Bohol

Bohol is a province of the Philippines, in the country’s Central Visayas region. It comprises Bohol Island and numerous smaller surrounding islands. Bohol is known for coral reefs and unusual geological formations, notably the “Chocolate Hills”. On the main island, near the town of Carmen, these 1,200 or so symmetrical mounds turn cocoa-brown in the dry season, contrasting with the surrounding jungle’s greenery.

Aside from its natural beauty, Bohol is also home to various historical and cultural riches dating back to the Spanish colonial era. Limestone churches, museums and monuments such as the Blood Compact Shrine are all worth visiting.

Bohol is promoted almost exclusively through images of cute bug-eyed tarsiers and the chocolate hills.

It’s also favorite of vacationers and tourists, some of whom have stayed for good in the island paradise. Mostly what brings in the crowds in bohol is diving , snorkeling and island hopping in PANGLAO ISLAND .

For more information about Panglao Island Visit:


How to get to Bohol and to Panglao Island

*Here is my simple guide on how to visit the beautiful island:

1.) Just  a quick ferry journey from Cebu, Bohol offers independent travellers a wealth of options both on and off the beaten track.

– You can Take a Fast Ferry From Cebu also there is also the normal boat but if you are in a hurry I recommend you to take the Fast Ferry (Ocean Jet) .

For the Ferry Fair you can Visit This site For more information

Visit this link –

(*Best time to travel is early in the morning)

2.) Once you arrived in Tagbilaran Port and planning to stay in Panglao Island.  There are Taxi’s and Mini vans are waiting for you there you can choose between those ,If your in a group you can go with the van and if you are only a few  you can take the taxi.

(I recommend if you  dont wanna spend too much for the food in the island , I suggest you go to ICM and have a little shopping and grocery because the island is far from the mainland when you are in the island Probably Most of things there is already expensive .You can take a tricycle from the port to Island City Mall ICM.)

3.) Fare’s

Tricycle      :Tagbilaran Port – Island City Mall (ICM) = Php 10-15.00 (+ -) per person

:Tagbilaran Port – Panglao Island (Specifically Alona Beach) = Php 250 (+ -)

:Island City Mall (ICM) – Panglao Island(Specifically Alona Beach) =Php250(+-)

Taxi or Van    : Tagbilaran Port – Panglao Island (Specifically Alona Beach) = Php 500 (+ -)

(*take tricycle going to Mall for grocery /take taxi going alona beach, panglao./tricyle for adventurers only 😊)

4.) Where To Stay

Recommends: Alona Beach Panglao Area – Great white Beach with Good cheap resorts in the area

– If you don’t have any idea where to stay yet, PANGLAO Island is always the place. The island has the best beaches with great and affordable resorts to stay.

Rooms Cottages Rates : From Php 800, Php 1,500, Php 2,500 to 4k-7k

Cheap But Worth Checking In : Kalipayan Beach And Resort

-The accommodation is good it’s a very nice quiet place which is good for people who like quiet places.

For hotel Reservations you may visit:

(*Take Note – Room Rates Vary In Seasons)

5.) What to do.

-During In the morning Enjoy walking on the beautiful white  Powdery and clean Beach

And At night there are also best beach front restaurant with live band.


1.) Do the Island Hoping :

(My best recommended island to go is Pamilacan island ,You can do Dolphin Watching and this island is best for snorkeling and Diving compare to other near island in panglao Pamilacan Is My Favorite and they offer good price and they well preserved the island.)

Rates: ₱1500-₱2000 for the boat (Whole day ) Tour around the islands

2.) Do the Package Tour

*Inclusive: Chocolate Hills ,Man Made forest , Tarsier Sanctuary, Loboc Restaurant River Cruise.

(Since you are staying Panglao Alona Beach , I recommend if you like adventure you go with a motorbike to tour around bohol , You can rent A motorbike in alona -Rent for a day normally cost around ₱500 but you can  bargain it into ₱350 a day.)


Php 1,500 (2-4 Persons) Car Whole day tour

Php 2,500 ( 5 Persons or More) Van Whole day tour

Php350-500 Motorbike

  • Your starting point will be Chocolate Hills

What’s On Chocolate Hills :

Chocolate Hills  – read more about chocolate hills visit:


The Chocolate Hills are located in the center of Bohol, and can be reached form Alona Beach by a 2 hour ride by car motorbike or van . Despite their name, there are no chocolate plantations here. These hills are covered with grass and blossom with green pastures during the rainy season, and turn brown by the end of the dry season, hence their name. There are several theories as to how these hills are formed, but one thing is sure, the 1268 hills are not man made.

There is an access on top of one hill where you can see the endless hill formations. Tours can be organized daily from Alona Beach and can be combined with a trip to the tarsier monkeys.

Aside from Having a Fantastic view on the hill top , Carmen Bohol Also offer more Attraction . Which you can go ziplining , Cable cars and Bike On a wire Between The Chocolate Hills.

For more information read :

  • After Visiting Chocolate Hills your next destination is To visit Tarsier Monkeys


Tarsiers are adorable cute animals with giant eyes and immensely soft fur. You can watch tarsiers in two centers in Bohol island: Tarsier Sanctuary near Corella and Tarsier Conservation Area near Loboc.

“Tarsier Sanctuary”

We chose Tarsier Sanctuary, located in a forrest between Corella and Sikatuna cities, because it’s a place where tarsiers live in the wild. They are free to do whatever they want, even to leave the territory of the sanctuary. Staff in the center only controls population, treats and feeds, and makes bypassing find tarsiers current location every morning. Tarsiers are nocturnal animals and they are practically inactive during daytime. Usually they sit at the same place the whole day. Those who were found this morning are shown to tourists this day.

Read more:

-Next Destination “Bilar :Man Made Forest ”

Man Made Forest

A favourite stop for tourists going to and/or from the Chocolate Hills in Carmen town is the Bilar Man-made Forest. Stretching up to two kilometers, the dense forest made up of red and white mahogany trees is located along the border of Loboc and Bilar towns.

As you leave Loboc town up the winding hilly road going to Chocolate Hills, you will notice immediately that you are now inside the forest because your view of the road and surroundings darken and you feel chilly, especially during summer months.

Read More:

  • After Enjoying And Relaxing With Nature from Man Made Forest In Bilar just go more further from Man Made Forest and you will reach The Loboc River Cruise

“Loboc River Cruise”

Loboc is a very popular tourist destination in Bohol Island. Primarily because of its emerald calm river, and secondly because of an old Christian church, which has not lost its greatness even after a destruction. Locals are trying to develop tourism in the area by opening new hotels, restaurants and attractions. Loboc River Cruise and Loboc Eco-Tourism Adventure Park are the most popular so far.

Landing on the floating restaurants was quite serious. First of all, you need to buy a ticket for a specific time. Landing starts half an hour before departure. As soon as you aboard waitress offer you drinks. After a while they open buffet, so guests can eat before the trip starts. I must say that it makes sense, because the journey on the river is rather short in time, about half an hour one way. During this time you want to look around and take some photos, talk with other people without any rush.

Food is served as a buffet. European and Asian cuisine, meat, chicken, rice, pasta, vegetables, fruits, desserts. Everything is quite tasty, you definitely can find something for yourself. So the price is reasonable. You spend money on ticket instead of restaurant, but save time, which is always important in travel.

Another pleasant surprise was the musical performance with Filipinos singing and dancing. In general Filipinos love to sing and do it pretty well, but they are not well organized. So it’s hard to find a good show. But here, in a hut on the river dressed with funny costumes, they looked very nice and touching. It’s true that they were not synchronized during dancing and singing, but the performance was full of children’s joy and spontaneity, and my heart just melted. And then they called everyone to join: play musical instruments, sing, dance and jump over bamboo stems. In general, it was very fun and provocatively. Finally I gladly gave decent tips. ☺


How to get to Loboc River Cruise?

You need to cross the bridge over the river to find floating restaurants. The bridge is located near the Loboc Church and goes directly from the main road.

For more information visit :

Ticket price: 450 PHP

Time to visit: 1.5-2 hours

Opening hours: 10 am – 3 pm






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